Edge function error post deploy

I am trialing out Netlify and see if it better fits my needs compared to the current host provider.

Its essentially a clone of GitHub - vercel/commerce: Next.js Commerce.

I have deployed the app sucessfully but when I try to access https://illustrious-faloodeh-b20885.netlify.app/ I get an error

Form the edge function log: Error: Invariant: Method expects to have requestAsyncStorage, none available
    at Module.d (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:30238)
    at y (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:332:174148)
    at ef (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:9625)
    at file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:20675
    at Object.toJSON (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:24469)
    at stringify (<anonymous>)
    at ek (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:14511)
    at eE (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:13028)
    at file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/next_app_page/bundle.js:750:10600
    at Object.action (ext:deno_web/02_timers.js:149:11)

After some research, it seems like its got to do with import { cookies } from 'next/headers'; and how cookies() is used, but not really sure how to solve.

Further to this, I am now able to preview the site https://deploy-preview-27--illustrious-faloodeh-b20885.netlify.app/ but all other routes are returning 500. Is this an issue with the app router perhaps ?

Its a private repo so cannot share it, but happy to share any info needed.

While Next.js currently has some issues on Netlify, I don’t believe this one has anything to do with Netlify directly. Sounds like a Next.js, or one of your dependencies that’s the issue, for example: Error: Invariant: headers() expects to have requestAsyncStorage, none available. · Issue #9192 · nextauthjs/next-auth (github.com)