Easiest way to set up a gallery page?

Hi everyone! I’m working on a project for a client who wants to be able to easily add, edit, and delete photos from a gallery page. The website is using Decap CMS/Netlify CMS and 11ty. I’m wondering what the easiest way to implement this would be?

I’ve looked into posts on this forum but there doesn’t seem to be an answer posted yet.

Here’s what I have so far but it is not working and there is no thumbnail generated on the images page of the dashboard:

  • name: “images”
    label: “Images”
    folder: “src/gallery”
    create: true
    summary: “{{ image }}”
    • name: images
      label: Images
      widget: “image”

For future context, we wouldn’t be able to provide support with Decap CMS, but I don’t believe this is a CMS issue at all. CMS will only store the files in your Git repo, building the frontend should be handled by the developer, we are not able to provide support for custom code.

Have I misunderstood your request? If yes, please clarify further.

A bit of a misunderstanding, I am looking to save multiple photos for a gallery within Decap CMS.

As mentioned, the CMS can upload files, so not sure what I’m missing here. Mind clarifying?

There is no widget to upload multiple images, so I am looking for a work around.

Yup, I think that feature doesn’t exist (uploading many files at once) - you can just upload them one by one. If that doesn’t work for you, I think you’ll want to request that features from the cms maintainers or ask them for help where @hrishikesh suggested:

https://decapcms.org/ (these are the current maintainers, of the code that used to be called Netlify CMS).