Dynamically allowing other domains to serve the app

Hey all,
I have a landing page builder called pland that goes by the domain pland.co.il.

When an organization opens an account he chooses a slug for the org, and when creating a new landing page he chooses a slug for it too.

The urls of the pages are served at pland.co il/orgSlug/landingPageSlug

I want to easily allow orgs with their own domain to connect it to the landing pages route.
For example, if my domain is www.tom.com and my landing pages are on pland.co il/tom/{page} - I want it to be www.tom.com/lp/{page} or lp.tom.com/{page}.

Is it possible using Netlify? If so, how can it be achieved and are there any downsides?
What would be the process on the customers’ side? I guess adding some records to their DNS manager. Anything else?

If it can not be accomplished using Netlify, could you please explain in short how it can be achieved using other tools?


Based on your current setup, this doesn’t seem easy. On Netlify, you wish to host the websites as: pland.co.il/tom/page, but wish the website to be accessible for the user as: tom.com/lp/page. Due to the difference in the URLs, there could be a little extra config that would be needed. But before we get there, there are other limitations you might wish to consider. Netlify has a limitation of adding not more than a total of 100 domains for your site. This is because the Lets Encrypt certificate that we provision doesn’t support more than that. So, if you add pland.co.il to your site, you can only add 99 more such domains.

On Pro and above plans, you can choose to get a wildcard subdomain (it has some other requiredments that we can discuss if you’re interested), but that would give you the URLs like: tom.pland.co.il. Not sure if that’s desirable to you or not.

As for how to achieve this with other tools, we can’t commend on that as we don’t know as much about other tools.

Thank you so much for the reply. Will consider everything you said.