Dynamic route gives 404, but is OK on Surge.sh


I’m currently using Surge.sh to host my Vue.js app, which is statically generated Nuxt.js app (nuxt generate).
I want to switch to Netlify, so using CLI, I deployed the same generated dist dir to Netlify as I would do to Surge.sh. Opening the homepage is OK, navigating to some subpages also OK, but when I try to load a subpage directly (e.g. https://myapp.netlify.app/something/123), I get 404 error.

To note that I have routes (Nuxt.js pages) for https://myapp.netlify.app/something, but the 123 part is a dynamic route.

But again, it works fine on Surge.sh, but not on Netlify.

I know there is something in Nuxt.js to generate the dynamic routes as well, but I don’t need to do it with Surge.

Any advise?
I otherwise I really like Netlify so far and would like to switch to it.


OK, I found a solution: in my nuxt.config.js in addition to target: 'static' I’ve added:
ssr: false,
generate: {
fallback: true

For details see: