Dynamic ddns functionality on netlify

It would be awesome if Netlify DNS implemented dynamic ddns functionality. There is something that implements it from the client side: https://github.com/oscartbeaumont/netlify-dynamic-dns but support for RFC 2136 from Netlify would be nice

Thanks for the suggestion, @zowpowow! Just got a feature request filed for us and will follow up in this thread in case we later implement it.

I don’t anticipate it will ship anytime soon, if at all, so for now the repo you linked shows your best pattern (using the API) to implement it for yourself.

In case anybody is interested or stumbles upon this thread as I did, I’ve put together a script and a systemd service/timer that has been working very well for me as a loose replacement. Looking forward to DDNS features, though!

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thank you for that - and for surfacing this. I will check in on the progress for this, and circle back here should there be more information.