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Drag n Drop deploy only copied home page

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Netlify Name: fervent-payne-c7f827
Domaind Name: trav-csc.com

I have deployed a pre-generated static site via the drag-and-drop through the UI. The home page apparently made over but nothing else. Is there something else I should be doing? I’m not ready to hook up the Github repo yet because I’m exploring Netlify right now as a host service.

Please advise.

Charles McKnight

Welcome to the forums @ChuckM

Your paths are incorrect. All src and href values start with /central-supply-catalog which is a path that does not exist in your deploy.

You have a setting in you GitHub repository that is causing this.

Ah, okay. I’m migrating from Github Pages and it’s being a bit bumpy. Unfortunately I was doing it at the end of a day where I’d been fighting another issue all. Thanks for the great turnaround!