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Drag build folder, deploy published, render blank screen


after dragging and dropping the build folder, the build says that it is deployed and published; however, although my project works locally on localhost, netlify renders a blank screen

here is the build log:
12:39:42 AM: Creating deploy upload records
12:40:18 AM: Starting post processing
12:40:18 AM: Post processing - HTML
12:40:18 AM: Post processing - header rules
12:40:18 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
12:40:18 AM: Post processing done
12:40:18 AM: Site is live :sparkles:

Hi @RDZobrist

Welcome to the forums.

There is something amiss in the configuration you have used.

For instance src in this script tag


should look like


Do you have a homepage attribute set the in package.json file of the project?