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Drag and drop for deploy (without GIT)

I am able to do drag and drop for deploy with the project folder containing the index.html, an icon-file, and a css-file. No problem.
When including a subfolder “images” with images in jpg file format it get stuck and don’t build/publish… “PM: Creating deploy upload records”.
What can I do to make this work? Doesn’t look that nice without the pictures :slight_smile:

Folder structure:
Project folder

  • index.html
  • icon.ico
  • .css
  • images
    - picture.jpg 1538KB
    - picture.jpg 2288KB
    - picture.jpg 2151KB
    - picture.jpg 1694KB
    - picture.jpg 1058KB

Using a free of charge account since this is my first web project.


Hi @Anki,

Which site is this regarding? We could check what’s happening once we have the name of the website.


Would it be possible for you to share the folder o some cloud storage so we could try it from our end? If the folder is indeed so small, it should not have the problem, but it’d be better if we could check.

You could also check if this guide applies to you:

I tried to perform the deploy from another computer (my private one) and it worked at the first try.
Have no clue why but it worked.
Thank you for trying to help!
Have a nice day :slight_smile: