Downtime and redundancy / failover

So there’s been some issues with stability of the Edge Network.

It’s gotten to the point where my customer is noticing and asking me why the site is down, only for it to spring back to life a minute later.

The entire reason I went with a SSG approach for this website is for rock solid reliability, but recently that really hasn’t been the experience!

I’m sure you guys are doing your best to run the best service possible, but I was wondering if there were any practical steps to reduce my exposure to these periods of downtime.

Everything I’ve read basically says “don’t put Cloudflare in front of netlify”. Is that really the case, or would I have a better experience if I used Cloudflare?

Another angle is perhaps DNS based failover.

Is there a secondary IP address that I could point my DNS to in the event of the first being down?
I’m currently using an ALIAS to point to my domain.

Another alternative… is there a pattern for deploying your site to a secondary host? Maybe a build plugin that would upload the build result to a secondary host that could be used as a fallback?

Appreciate any input


Hey @johtso,

We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk. Let us know where you’d like to continue the discussion.

@hrishikesh thanks for getting back to me! Here’s fine.

Regarding my question of whether there was a “fallback” ip address I could point my DNS to that might help in this kind of situation I read this and thought that it might be something that would help in this situation, but seeing as it’s not a DNS related issue I understand that it wouldn’t help Dedicated secondary DNS | Netlify Docs

Would be grateful to hear any thoughts on other practical measures to avoid downtime!

(I’m currently investigating using the vercel CLI to deploy my built site as part of my build step to have a second copy of the site that I could have my DNS failover point to.)

Apologies for the delay here! We do have this Support Guide about some different DNS providers and how you can configure them to work with Netlify.

Also, just to clarify for our investigation purposes, can you confirm the domain of the site so we can check the settings on our side? I see that you have a few different sites, so we just want to confirm that we’re talking about the same domain.

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