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Downloading the deployed project

Hi , I am trying to download a deployed project , but it keeps on loading, Can anyone please help me.


Hi @Nammi_Prudhvi_Raj

How big is your project? How many pages are in it? The larger the project, the longer it takes to generate the archive for downloading.

On a side note, this tool is nearing completion (but it’s still in beta) and it will show you the download progress:


EDIT: Note to self - limit the number of files that can be previewed in browser and directly add the download button for larger deploys.

UPDATE: The above’s done. Current limit set at 5000 files as I believe that limit should cover most sites as well as should be fine for the browser - not sure about lower-end devices and mobile phones though.

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Hi , It is saying page unresponsive

I uploaded the entire project folder ,so it must be quite big since it contains node modules

Looks like you probably uploaded wrong folder.

Yes, right what I was going to say.

Your deploy has 42153 files, no wonder the tool froze.

It worked , Thankyou very much.