Download raw server access logs

Hi Fabien,

I understand your feelings, but this was our policy for years before we had an analytics product too, so your accusation while reasonable to guess at, is not true.

Since my post almost a year ago, log export is closer to being implemented - we are talking about how to do it scalably and sustainably, taking into account privacy laws. I don’t have any proposed timeline for completion, nor can I guarantee it will be available at all account levels, but your use case is not weird and we do want to solve it, with or without our analytics product. It is, however, a very hard problem (we have terabytes of access logs PER DAY), so there is no quick solution.

Of course you need to make the decision that is correct for your business. If building your own Netlify (there’s a heck of a lot more to it than S3 + Pipelines if you want to do it well) is the only path you see, I will advise you to follow that path, because your business’ needs are real and immediate, regardless of what service it is possible, convenient, or planned, for us to provide.

Hope you can stay with us, but please do NOT take this as a promise that this problem will be solved for you in the way you want on any timeline, so you need to make the correct choice for yourself.

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