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Download files from Netlify

loving-saha-13e911 (drywallmagana.com)

Id like to download the files from my reactjs website that i deployed to netlify. i clicked on the download icon already, however, since its a react js document, it needs all the components, json, and nodemodules for it to be useful to me when downloading, however when i click the download button I only get an index file. Is there a way to download the documents exactly as i uploaded them?

Hi @Ulrik7000

Given you have a React website, you would have either built it locally and deployed meaning you have all the original components locally, or pushed it to a git repository and had Netlify build it meaning all the original components are in your git repository still. What you download from the site deploy page of the Netlify UI is the site that was deployed.

Thank you, after a lot of search in between documentations I found that my project was missing the webpack5 plugins so I ran npm i --save-dev html-webpack-plugin. Now I can work on the updates for my project locally