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Doubts i have about using a custom domain

  • Site name: pyros.netlify.app
    Hello, I have a .dev domain that i got through Google Domains.
    My questions are:
  • Are there any disadvantages to using a Google Domain instead of a Netlify registered one?
  • How can i get the Netlify DNS with my domain?
  • Can I move my domain to somewhere else if I decide to stop using Netlify?
    I still have to decide on the domain name, so i don’t have it yet.

Hi @Tesohh

Nothing that springs to mind.

Check out the documentation Netlify DNS | Netlify Docs

If you register a domain with another registrar (not through Netlify) and stop using Netlify at some point, you can easily reconfigure that domain to use different nameservers, etc. (Note: If using Netlify DNS, you need to have a site hosted on Netlify. If your site is hosted elsewhere, you are not permitted to use Netlify DNS as per Self-Serve Subscription Agreement.)

If you register a domain through Netlify (who uses Name.com) then configuration of that domain for use on Netlify is simpler. If you choose to cease using Netlify (as a platform) at some point you are able to move your domain to another registrar so you can continue to use it with any other service.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. Is there any way, if I decide to go back to my default domain’s DNS, to switch from netlify dns to another?

Yes, you would change your nameservers back to those of your registrar (or those of another service if required) and configure other domain records accordingly.