Doubt about connection

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to connect the site without github, using something like FTP, I wanted to update my site just by updating a single file, is it possible? and is it possible to delete the “Productions deploys” messages?

Hey @thiagodb

There is no FTP access, and no way to update a single file. Deploys are immutable (see What are Atomic deploys? Immutable deploys? Learn here!) and deploys remain enabling rollback to a previous deploy.

If you make a change to a single file in GitHub (or other method such as drag and drop or Netlify CLI) only those files modified from the previous deploy are pushed out. But a full build is still required in order to compare the files.

Are you referring to these?

Because of the immutability outlined above, these remain. The only way to remove these is to delete the site.