Doubling checking DNS settings

I am in the process of preparing to transfer the DNS to point to our new Netlify website. The current URL is but we would like to transfer our existing domain of to point to this new service.

The domain is currently hosted by GoDaddy on nameservers and

In netlify on the youthful-jepson site, I have added the primary domain name into the site

The check DNS configuration is saying I need to switch the domain provider nameservers to the following:

I understand all this and in GoDaddy where I will be switching the nameserver over, I know where to do it.

My question is around knowing when it is ready and when it’ll work. Because I am not knowledgable in the DNS area at all (I’m a web developer) I would be grateful for a second pair of eyes to let me know if things are looking as expected.

In windows, I have ran a number of nslookups to check the config and to me, it looks okay?
To me, the information showing an IP address means success, I don’t understand the details of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@uncountedbrute It looks as though you’re ready to go.

Hey @uncountedbrute,
One way you can check the nameservers is with host:

 % host -t ns name server name server

As you can see, when I run host, I see that your nameservers haven’t been delegated to us yet- or at least have not propagated yet. They still show GoDaddy nameservers. Sometimes it takes over 24h for the new DNS records to propagate, but usually it doesn’t- have you added those NS records on the GoDaddy side yet?

Once the nameservers have propagated, the warnings in your domain management dashboard should go away and we should be able automatically get you an SSL certificate. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you everyone for your responses. This evening we successfully changed from GoDaddy nameserver to the netlify nameserver and the website is working correctly.
Next step is to migrate the DNS from GoDaddy to Netlify so we can manage in one place.

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Great! If you need any help with that then make sure to create another thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, @uncountedbrute. This support guide might help if you are migrating to Netlify DNS soon: