Domains Error: name is alreadt taken, is confliction the ownership with other existing zones

Getting this error: name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones.

I added the TXT record to verify ownership.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hey @gmcmahon , we are looking into this for you - but our records show that your account already owns this domain, and you should be able to remove and re-assign it? maybe you an give us some details?

I don’t seem to have any domains attached to my account.

@gmcmahon While you’re waiting, you should check your DNS setup. something is wrong with it, as whois and dig do not agree with each other.

|===================== whois name server for ====================
| --------------------- ---------------------
Updated Date: 2021-04-17T23:29:25Z
Name Server: NS-1507.AWSDNS-60.ORG
Name Server: NS-162.AWSDNS-20.COM
Name Server: NS-1915.AWSDNS-47.CO.UK
Name Server: NS-799.AWSDNS-35.NET


|===================== dig name server(s) for ===================
| --------------------- ---------------------
| ------------------- should agree with whois -------------------

Note also the implication that your custom domain has been registered with Netlify at some point.

Hi, @gmcmahon. Thanks for making the verification DNS record. I have remove the domain from the other site and team now.

This means it will be possible to add the domain to your sites and team. If there are other questions or if it still doesn’t work, please let us know.