I would like to be helped, can one domain be verified so that it can be secured with cloudflare

Hi, can you share the domain name? I can help you further with this information?

yes there are domains


these are the domains that must be verified for cloudflare

how do i know when they are verified

hi, sorry for the delay I didn’t understand your initial question. Are you trying to add a domain to netlify or delegate the domain to cloudfare?

I am trying to link domains to CloudFlare so that the CloudFlare door is protected with DDoS protection and more

but only ownership needs to be verified and then it’s fine and I can do the rest myself

We don’t know what you mean by “verified”. Would you please explain in more detail what needs to be done?

the ownership of the domain must actually be by you soday cloudflare knows it is my domain and so they can protect it

We won’t verify a subdomain under someone else’s Cloudflare account. If you want to verify these sites and use Cloudflare, you will need to add custom domains to your sites in order to do so.