Domain transfer to for my account

Hi there,

I would like to transfer my domain to Please contact me and I can provide the account code.


Hi Aboozar,

You can find details on what we can and can’t to with regard to transferring domains at !

Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting back to me. Our team account is starter (not paid) so we can’t ask directly. I followed the instruction step by step and have the account on ready. Our account code is 2047059-2222ca0. Please let us know what else you need and I’m happy to provide. The website name is


Hi, @ahdvnd.

We have sent you an email about this transfer. We’ll complete the process using that email for communication.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive it.

Hi @luke. I haven’t received any emails yet. Please let me know what I should do on my end.

@ahdvnd - we only send emails to the email address listed on the netlify account, so if you have several email addresses, make sure you check the right one. You might also check to see that it didn’t got to spam.

Hi, @ahdvnd. It looks like there was a reply to the email and resolved the issue there. Is this resolved now?

Hi @luke, thanks for checking. Yes, the issue is resolved.