Domain still points to Netlify after removing DNS record


Yesterday I was playing around with DNS records and pointed my personal site to my custom domain ( Today I removed the domain from my list of custom domains and also removed the DNS record from my domain provider, however, seems to still redirect to Netlify’s servers. Should I wait a bit for changes to propagate or should I do something else on my end?


You should wait for sometime for propagation. You can check your records’ status here: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool


@Alaburda1 Welcome to the Netlify community. Are you perhaps seeing the effects of local caching? Nothing in your DNS seems to point to Netlify.

|===================== dig name server(s) for ===================
| ----------------------- -----------------------
| ------------------- should agree with whois -------------------

| --------------------- ---------------------
| ------------ blank if pointing to the apex domain -------------
| ------------------ in the Netlify dashboard -------------------

Thanks! You were right, DNS propagation didn’t finish. Sorry, I haven’t worked with domains much so this is all new to me :slight_smile:

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