Domain ssl certificate can't be renewed


Seven days ago the certificate was expired of This site has an external domain:, and the certificate is failing for the external domain.

In the troubleshooting guide it is only about correct DNS settings… but this site is running for years now. After checking everything twice and reading through the docs I can’t find what is going wrong.

The error message is that there is an invalid response from :

I’m not sure what the correct approach would be to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @_william,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m showing that the SSL Certificate was renewed yesterday. Visiting the domain is properly resolving. Are you still seeing issues?

I am showing that you have an AAAA Record (IPv6) configured for

host has address has IPv6 address 2a05:d018:964:c0c:ac60:beb3:d5c4:7a41 mail is handled by 80 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10

We don’t support IPv6 when using our load balancer IP address and recommend that you remove the AAAA Record.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your reply! I ended up adding a ssl certificate manually. So that’s why it isn’t reproducable anymore.

Hi @_william,

Thanks for the updated. I apologize as I didn’t notice that you had uploaded a custom SSL certificate. I do believe if the AAAA Record is removed for the apex domain,, that it should resolve the issue with obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate if you decide to purse that in the future.

Thanks for your reply, after deleting this record, I could install the certifacate again! Thanks a lot

Hi @_william,

Thanks for updating us and letting us know the issue was resolved. Hope you have a great day!