Domain removed but still being redirected to this obsolete domain


I previously had two custom domains (using Netlify nameservers) for my application: .io and .com. The .io was the primary domain. The .com domain was redirecting to the .io.

I decided to stop paying for the .io domain. I thus removed the .io domain completely from my Netlify config: I deleted it from the DNS Panel and marked the .com domain as the new primary domain.

I did this several weeks ago but the .com domain is still redirecting to the (not existing anymore) .io domain.

What can I do to fix this ?

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Hi, @louisantoinem, this redirect is happening because there is a rule being made to add it.

Please check the file found at public/_redirects (relative to the base directory of the repository). I think you will find the rules there looking similar to this:* 301!

Delete any rules you don’t want from that file and the redirects will stop happening (once there is a new deploy with the updated _redirects file).

If this doesn’t fix the issue or if there are other questions, please let us know.

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Thanks @luke!
I had created this file more than 2 years ago and completely forgot about it!

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I’m glad I could assist, @louisantoinem, and that the issue is now resolved!