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Domain registered at AWS, DNS at Netlify, need subdomain going to Smugmug

As the title suggests, my domain is registered with Route53 and until earlier this week, the DNS was managed there as well. LetsEncrypt was having issues confirming my ownership with that setup, so I moved the DNS to Netlify with dns1.p01.nsone.net, etc.

LetsEncrypt is peachy now, at least for the next 90 days.

I had/have a subdomain on AWS for my photos that are stored at SmugMug. This has stopped working now.
Works - Doesn’t Work

How do I use the Netlify DNS to point a subdomain away from Netlify? I tried to add it as a subdomain in the control panel and it just points to my main site.


Hi @EricC

When you added photos.ericcloninger.com what value, and record type did you give it? Look at the use a custom domain (option 3) docs for SmugMug you need to point your domain to domains.smugmug.com with a CNAME record. I can only find a A type record listed for this domain though.

Try setting up your record like this

Hi Coel,

Thanks for the response. I previously had it set up with that target value in Route53 and it was working.

I don’t see the screen you’re showing in your screenshot. I’m on the free tier, not a paid plan. When I try to add a subdomain from the control panel, I’m only shown the name of the subdomain, not any of the values you’re showing. This is what I see. Is there another DNS editing page that my account can’t access?

It is under the Domains section. Click your domain then delete your current record and add a new one. If you have added it as a domain alias, remove it as it is not pointing to a Netlify site.

That’s crazy. I always had a different looking DNS screen than the one you showed me until I used that menu to get to the domains page. I was in the domains settings for my site, as shown here. Clearly, there’s another path to Domain settings and that screen has different impact.

Thanks for your help. I’ve made those adjustments and it appears to be working now. Have a virtual beer on me. :beers:

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The “Domains” section is where you add your domains if you are intending to use Netlify DNS.

Domain settings is the settings for a particular site (irregardless of whether they are in Netlify or external DNS.)