Domain redirecting

Hey, so i have my website conected to my domain but when i search i just get redirected to but i want to still have the domain when i am on the website, i don’t want it to redirect. Is there anything i can do to fix it?

Hi @Cube-Box-391

The domain isn’t configured to point to any Netlify site that I can see. It is configured in with Google Domains and points to a page on GHS which redirects to

If you wish to use as the primary domain follow this documentation

did it and still not working

When I visit I do not get redirected. When I visit I am redirected to When I visit I am not redirected. If you wish to redirect to you’ll need to set up a Domain-level redirect.

How long did it took you to redirect your domain to your netlify hosted website
I have linked my site on netlify to a domain in naijawebhost
Till now, my custom domain is not visible online. Yet it’s active from my DNS provider??
How do i solvw this issue??

How Long Shoul I Wait??

Hi @abeyjoe :wave:t6: ,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forums! DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours. Please reach back out if you are still having issues.

Hi @abeyjoe,

I saw your most recent post in the forums. Your DNS is not configured correctly so it will not propagate. Please follow the instructions in this guide to get it setup.