Domain not working dns settings have been updated but my site will not link up

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Hiya @onesandzeroes :wave:t6: has it been 48 hours ? It usually takes 48 hours for domains to propagate. If it has been 48 please reach back out.

Yes it’s been 48 hours

Hi @onesandzeroes,

Thanks for the follow-up. I’m not finding your Netlify site. You provided, but that site no longer exist. Could you please provide the name of your netlify site or provide a link to the url (of your site)?

This is my domain: This is my site url: I provided pics of everything including my dns settings

Hi @onesandzeroes thanks for providing that information I escalated this to our helpdesk. (: Please stay tuned to your email.

Thank You. I included my ip address for my host

This is also cname