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Domain not secure (Certificate Invalid)

Hi my domain https://saibotlive.com/ shows up as Not secure and Certificate invalid but when I click the invalid information, it shows the netlify certificate is valid.
What could be the reason for this? I have attached 2 screenshots below.

It shows it’s valid for *.netlify.com and not valid for your domain.

Returning to your topic, does your Netlify dashboard say that SSL has been enabled for your custom domain? If you’ve just made the DNS change, it might take some time before it gets done.

Hi, it says it has SSL enabled, the dns change was made few weeks ago.

That certificate is for the wrong domain. Cert is issued for www.domain.com but you are trying to access domain.com, hence the issue. Make sure your primary domain is correct, and an alias has been added.

Also, you might wanna update the page’s title :wink:.


Ahh thanks a lot for your help. I’ll be updating the title too hehe.

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