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Domain Management Panel not showing Netlify bought domain nor DNS records for it

  1. Setup Netlify name and initial manual index.html deployed at https://nervous-shannon-c9cd4a.netlify.app/
  2. Bought domain name from Netlify. — www. sendflowersorgifts.com
  3. Domain Management tab is not showing this domain
  4. Trying to Add Custom Domain again gives me the message that sendflowersorgifts.com is already registered.
  5. DNS records do not exist at all for this domain
  6. I can access the https://nervous-shannon-c9cd4a.netlify.app/ domain in my browser but www. sendflowersorgifts.com gives server not found error and DNS check shows it has not propogated anywhere on the planet.

Question: Why does the domain not show up in domain management and since Netlify bought domains apparently automatically get DNS records, why do none exist for the sendflowersorgifts.com site.

I have been all over the net trying to get an answer but have not seen any relating exactly to this issue hence the new topic.

You simply need to click on add domain to continue.

Thank you that worked. Strangely counter intuitive to me as I assumed that “Already Registered” meant the system knew about it and was working on it and that Adding Domain meant adding another one which I did not want to do. Maybe “Continue to add registered domain” was the button I needed.

Thanks for the feedback, we’d pass it on to the devs.