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Domain issue when settinmg custom domain

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “www.ondevs.com” on site “ondevs-333e7”

Hi @LJS95! Welcome to Netlify community.

That domain is being used on another Netlify account, one owned by someone named Matt. If you know this person, you can ask them to remove the domain and DNS zone from their account. If you don’t know them, please follow the directions in this Support Guide to verify you own the domain, and response here when that is complete.

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Hi, thank you! Happy to be involved. Appreciate the clear and quick response. I’ve done that now, thank you.

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Hey @LJS95,
Thanks for creating that record! I’ve removed the DNS zone and custom domain from the other account so you should now be able to configure www.ondevs.com on your site. Please let us know if that’s not the case or if there’s anything else we can help with.

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