Domain is not loading. it was fine last week. What happened?

I connected the website to google domains and it worked just fine last week. Now it’s not loading, what happened for it to break?

Here’s the website

Ryan P

It seems to load just fine. What error are you getting?

this is on google chrome, firefox give me the same thing. It’s on desktop I am having problems. Loads fine on mobile

This seems to be a local problem. Maybe something wrong with your ISP’s configuration?

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It’s loading for me, too.

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Yurp loading fine for me aswell.

Like @hrishikesh said it may be an issue with your ISP, can I ask where in the world you are accessing the site from.

Also, is your Netlify Domain ( working like normal?

Hi, @RyanFromWhidbey. This does appear to be a local networking issue. There is a fairly thorough troubleshooting guide for this type of error here:

Would you please try the troubleshooting steps in the guide above? If there are other questions about this, please let us know what you tried and what the results were.

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I actually have this problem with my website too.
Mine is and when I shared it, unfortunately, some of my friends said they could not open it. I myself too couldn’t open it the first time I tried loading it on my own phone.
But can it have any relation with the country we’re living in? I’m in Iran and I worry if this can cause any trouble. I was going to build another webpage for a greater audience but I’m not sure if this problem will still persist!

hi there, its loading fine for me:

if you are still seeing the problem, can you try in an incognito window? does the site load if you are using a different network or a VPN?

Hi, thanks for your response! I tried incognito and it didn’t load anything and had the same “Connection Error” until I used a VPN and could load the website.
And yes some people (the ones who connected with data and not Wi-Fi internet) could load it but others couldn’t. :frowning_face:

Hi, @mitramir55. Some cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean) may block access to their services from Iran. Also, some nations block access to certain IP addresses. The Great Firewall of China and Russia blocks are both well known for example:

Both of the blocks noted above have stopped people in those nations from accessing sites at Netlify. It appears that similar issues apply for people accessing Netlify sites from Iran.

To summarize, it does appear that a nation level block is in effect and this is not something Netlify can control. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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Thank you very much for your response!
The strange thing was that the people who couldn’t open the website could actually do so after a while. And then after the first time, they opened the website with no problems!
Anyways, So you don’t suggest we use Netlify and gatsby templates to make a webpage for a large group of users as this may happen again? Unfortunately, I found Netlify and gatsby very very useful and I had so much hope for your great service!

hi @mitramir55, unfortunately, we can’t really do anything to help at this time - how governments interfere with internet traffic can be unpredictable (china also has a similar problem to what you are describing).

Gatsby templates should be fine - doubtful that’s the problem - but you may need to use a different service. I am not sure which one is more reliable to access from Iran, though. I wish we had better news!

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You can always try the Tor Browser.


Thank you very much @Perry for your response. Then I should think about other services. Although I hope the best for Netlify and hope someday I’ll be back to it!

Thanks @gregraven for your suggestion. Unfortunately this won’t help as most users will open the website with Chrome and other browsers.