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Domain I own has literally no DNS records, netlify still thinks another site is using it

I am trying to use the domain https://thefinalcity.shop/ on site https://thefinalcity-shop.netlify.app/ but I’m getting the “another site is already using this domain” error.

This domain has no DNS records and I have checked multiple times to make sure that it doesn’t. I did previously set it up on the domains page so I could edit DNS records, but I have since removed the domain from anything associated with my netlify account.

@sykesgabri Welcome to the Netlify community. This site definitely does have DNS records, as it is registered with Namecheap, with the DNS delegated to Cloudflare.

You will have to go through the verification process to demonstrate that you own / control this custom domain name, at which point you will be able to connect it with your Netlify account.

I delegated the DNS to Cloudflare so I could make sure that there were no DNS records, because I have a better understanding of Cloudflare’s DNS settings than I do of Namecheap’s DNS settings, I can assure you that the site has no DNS records, I deleted them all.

The problem is that Netlify will not let me go through the verification process, I just get the “another site is already using this domain” error. I previously set this domain up on the Netlify domains page so I could configure the DNS for another site that this domain used to lead to, but I removed the domain from Netlify when I delegated the DNS to Cloudflare.

How is Netlify stopping you from going through the verification process?

I click “add a custom domain to your site”, I type in “thefinalcity.shop”, I click “yes, add domain”, and where I expect it to ask me to change my nameservers just like the 5 other sites I have verified using this method, it instead says “another site is already using this domain”, and doesn’t give me any option to verify.

Please read the documentation.

I have added the txt record that post told me to add.

Edit: The DNS record doesn’t even seem to be updating, so I’ll take the domain off of cloudflare and attempt to make the record on Namecheap’s DNS settings.

Okay. The DNS method is not working, is there any other way I can prove I own this domain?

You now have to wait for Netlify tech support to visit this thread and intervene.

Hi, @sykesgabri. Thank you for making the verification DNS record. The custom domain has been removed from the other site now. You should be able to add it to your new site without errors now.

Please feel free to also delete the verification DNS record as it is no longer required.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Hi Luke, thank you for the help, this has solved my problem.