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`domain.com` routes to my website but if I write `https://domain.com` it doesn't connect

Hi Netlify:

  • Netlify site name: helpmedev.netlify.app
  • Issue: When you type helpmedev.tech it routes correctly to the URL: https://www.helpmedev.tech. However, when I type https://helpmedev.tech, it says in Chrome: This site can't be reached. helpmedev.tech's DNS address could not be found. with the dark gray screen.

I think the issue is with my domain management settings in Netlify, but I am not sure why simply typing https://helpmedev.tech wouldn’t work, however, typing https://www.helpmedev.tech would work.

I did try to adjust the primary domain in Netlify to the one without the www. before, but that then didn’t work for my domain at all.

Any help you can provide would be so appreciated!!

Hi @BrianHHough

The reason you can access www.helpmedev.tech and not helpmedev.tech is due to the DNS records you have (or have not) configured, and the configured nameservers.

Are you planning to use Netlify DNS (see docs, also see [Support Guide] Should I use Netlify to manage my DNS? and [Support Guide] How do I migrate a domain to Netlify DNS with zero downtime?) or are you planning to use external DNS (see docs)?

Currently, there are conflicting nameservers for your domain

$ dig helpmedev.tech NS

helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      dns4.p06.nsone.net.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      ns01.squarespacedns.com.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      ns02.squarespacedns.com.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      ns03.squarespacedns.com.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      ns04.squarespacedns.com.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      dns1.p06.nsone.net.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      dns2.p06.nsone.net.
helpmedev.tech.         3600    IN      NS      dns3.p06.nsone.net.

If you are intending to use Netlify DNS, remove the *.squarespacedns.com entries, you are using external DNS, remove the **.nsone.net entries.

A/CNAME Records

$ dig www.helpmedev.tech CNAME

www.helpmedev.tech.     14330   IN      CNAME   helpmedev.netlify.app.

This is the correct method for configuring the www subdomain as per external DNS. This is why you site is currently accessible via this URL.

However, there is no A record for helpmedev.tech which is why the apex/bare domain is not accessible. If you wish to remain using external DNS, you need to create a record pointing the apex domain to

If you are intending to use Netlify DNS, once you have configured the nameservers and custom domain for your site, Netlify will configure the necessary NETLIFY records for your domain to work properly.

Let me know if you have any further questions or problems.