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Domain-com.netlify.com (correct content) and domain.com (old content) display different pages! Why is that?

I have a prototype website up.

https://chicagomegashop-com.netlify.app/ produces the intended/current content for viewing.

https://www.chicagomegashop.com/ produces old content for viewing.

Go to each site, open View Source, and go to the bottom of the screen.

The first one, the correct Netlifly subdomain has 4 script tags at the bottom of the body, as it should.
The second one, the consumer domain has 2 script tags at the bottom of the body.

Clearly the consumer domain is displaying old content from an earlier deploy. Why? And how do I remedy it so that it syncs with the Netlify site and displays the currently correct content?

I see the same 4 <script> inclusions on both pages.
I see the same content on both domain as expected; domains will not point to different deploys unless you have branch deploys enabled. If you are seeing different content, likely it is cached. Try a private/incognito browser window, a different browser, and/or different device/network.

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Shoot, I wonder if my brower’s cache is the villain ? Ler me try a different browser.

OMG, do I feel really dumb! Thank you. I have learned to look closer to home.

I very appreciatively have marked the last responses to both of the issues you solved, as Solved.

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