Domain changes problem

Hello, I have a problem with the domain
I need to change my domain because it expires, but it won’t let me enter the new domain, could any admin do it?

The current domain is this:

And the new one is this:


Hey Lorensio, you can remove the domain here: Netlify App

hi @katrina-r, I just want to change the domain but it won’t let me put the one I want

Hi @Lorensio,

Thanks for the follow-up. Could you tell us what exactly happens when you try to add lorenzomuñ, do you see an error message? If you see an error message, could you provide a screenshot of the error?

Are you trying to add a Domain alias, or do you want to remove and and then add lorenzomuñ

Hi @Melvin

What I want to do is change the domain, what happens is that when I write the “ñ” that has the domain, it doesn’t detect/write it, I also tried to copy and paste the domain but it won’t let me either

It doesn’t give me any type of error, that’s what surprises me

Hi @Lorensio ,

To add a domain name that uses Unicode (or non-ASCII) characters such as ñ or é, use Punycode format. First, convert your domain name to Punycode using a Punycode converter, such as Punycoder. Then, use the converted output for the domain name as you follow the Add or register domain prompts.

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes!

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Hi @audrey ,

I have converted my domain into punycode as you told me, now what do I do with the converted domain?
I copy the converted domain and put it where the domain I currently have?