Domain aliases not created on api request

Everything works great when I create a website using the Node.js package

But for an unknown reason, domain aliases are not added to my website


 await NetlifyClientConnection.createSite({
        body: {
            name: "domainName",
            custom_domain: "",
            domain_aliases: [""],

        res => {
    ).catch(err => {


Hey Henry,

We’re missing a lot of details to better advise there:

  • what endpoint are you posting to?
  • what method are you using?
  • what is the return value and HTTP status code for your call?
  • what was the state before you made the call - did it change at all in our UI, or when read via API, between before and after?

Thanks for helping us help you!

Hello, I found it get’s added when I add the domain to netlify before adding the domain aliases.

Hence it’s solved for me and I have come to understand the behaviour.