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“domain_aliases is owned by another account” error when adding domain

This site was previously associated with a different account, and is now hosted on DigitalOcean. I’ve decided I want to move it back, and have done so on https://stypt.netlify.app. That said, when trying to link my “stypt.nl” domain, I get the error "domain_aliases is owned by another account". Other domains work fine. Help would be greatly appreciated?

You have conflicting DNS records, one using p08 and one using p07.

|================== check for inactive DNS zone =================
| --------------- last line should show nsone.net ---------------
| ----------------- for sites using Netlify DNS -----------------
| ---------------- otherwise will show DNS source ---------------
| -------------------------- stypt.nl --------------------------
stypt.nl.		3600	IN	NS	dns1.p08.nsone.net.
stypt.nl.		3600	IN	NS	dns2.p08.nsone.net.
stypt.nl.		3600	IN	NS	dns3.p08.nsone.net.
stypt.nl.		3600	IN	NS	dns4.p08.nsone.net.
;; Received 126 bytes from in 20 ms

See the documentation here:
The solution is either a) activate the inactive zone or b) delete the inactive zone.

You need either to delete the unwanted one yourself, or go through the steps to verify your account for Netlify support so they can help you.

If by “delete the old one” you mean the p08 nameserver: I can do that. But how would I know what correct nameserver to use if I can’t add the domain in the first place (to see the Netlify DNS stuff)? What I can’t do is access the old account, as the site is already deleted there.

I’ve also done the verified for netlify stuff now.

@laura I’ve seen you solve a similar issue before. This might be a stretch, but could you remove the old DNS zone? Happy to provide any details necessary.

Hey @didier , looks like you’ve already added stypt.nl as a custom domain using external DNS from what I see in your Netlify App For external DNS, you’ll need to create A and CNAME records in your registrar using the values in option 1, in our DNS Quick Start support guide.

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Hmm. I haven’t though? I want to use Netlify DNS for Stypt.nl. Something seems to be holding the nameserver propagation hostage, might be on my registrars end.

@didier I think the point is that someone – even if it wasn’t you – has already added this custom domain into the Netlify system.

@didier you won’t be able to use Netlify DNS for domain aliases I’m afraid. If you click on the “Check DNS configuration” link next to the domain alias it’ll give you a popup modal with instructions on how to set the A record. You can then monitor propagation here: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool I hope this helps!

Hey @didier, correction in my reply :point_up: . There is a way to use Netlify DNS for domain aliases. First, remove the domain alias stypt.nl from your site’s site settings. Then add the domain in Teams > Domains and follow the steps to point your registrar name servers to Netlify. Once it propagates, you should be able to add stypt.nl as a domain alias to your site using Netlify DNS.