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Domain Alias - CNAME record


I am trying to create an alias record. As my client is using Cloudflare CDN, I can’t use Netlify CDN.
So I created a record in Cloudflare…

Name: my-subdomain
Content : mysite.netlify.app
TTL : Auto
Proxy State : DNS Only

…as it is recommanded in this thread :

I noticed also by follow the documentation bellow, I don’t have in my dashboard Add domain alias :

Is it because I have a free account ?

When I am going to my my-subdomain.domain.xxx, netlify is responding me:
Not found - Request ID: [long uid]

Do I need to setup something else ?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @Emilie_Zawadzki

Have you added the domain to the Netlify website settings in the UI?

Hi @hrishikesh,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried. I don’t have the button " Add domain alias" in dashboard.
The only option I have is to use your DNS. What is not my purpose. The domain of my client is used by another DNS.
Here is an extract of my dashbord :

Do I need to have a pro account ? I use a free one for the moment.

Thanks for your help.


Domain alias is an option that exists when you already have a custom domain. Since you don’t, you’d have to add a custom domain and you can add that without using Netlify DNS.

Okay ! I didn’t finished the step to delegate to Netlify. I was confused by it. So yes ! I’ve got this option now ! Thank you it works !
Thank you very much ! Now I need to deal with SSL.

Best regards,