Does waiting on Propigation give you a 404 error when I click my netifly url or is it in my code?

Hello everybody, im having a problem deploying my portfolio with a custom domain name.

netifly site name: super-centaur-086c4f
custom domain name:

DNS issue: still propigating

error message: it was just saying 404 page not found now I got a godaddy page up now.
it saying cant find index.html but its there and my page is running fine locally

heres a screenshot of my log settings…

wondering if its something in my code or in my repo thats stopping all this. I cant figure it out.

Please help!!!

Change your base to client, command to CI= npm run build and publish to build.

I entered exactly that in the fields you suggested and then I added new nameserver (4 total was provided like this →

but its still saying page not found

hi there, i don’t think it is your dns settings, as that would create a different error.

Did you see this guide yet? This is the best place to start for “Page Not Found” issues.