Does the pro plan include email support or not? I am confused

I have some issues with the site I am setting up that I seem to not be able to fix myself.
I like netlify anyways, so I upgraded from the free account to a pro account.
Much because it offered me email support yay.

It appears you have to sign up for Premium support so get email support?
That is what it says when I click on the support graphic on my netlify account.
But under features for my plan it says

I have an issue I really need help with, but i cannot find out how to email it to support.

hi there,

thanks for checking in. Your best bet is to head to and use the drop down form to get in touch with someone in the helpdesk. Always use the email address to communicate with us that belongs to the paid account, that way you’ll get the fastest help!

Ok thank you.
I will give that a try.