Does post scheduling works?

I set publish date to some future date, but the article already appears.

Is that bug on my side or expected behavior for Netlify CMS?

Important thing: Netlify doesn’t own the CMS anymore: Introducing Decap CMS | Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System, so future issues must be directed there.

In any case, the CMS doesn’t do any kind of scheduling. I’m assuming this would be a timezone issue - your system timezone being behind the server timezone, or your build command might be forcing future posts to be published.

Thank you. Seems like I installed netlify CMS instead of Decap CMS… Is there an easy way to upgrade from NetlifyCMS to Decap CMS?

Hi @artrayd this is the exact same CMS just owned by Decap: Configuration Options | Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

I added this “Editorial” setting and now everything works just fine! Thank you

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