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Does Netlify support websocket programming?

I have created a small chat app using socket.io which is working fine in my local. I tried deploying in netlify where the deployment is success, the page is loading and the chat is not working.

Does any one tried deploying chat app in netlify?

Hi, @mkalyansrikanth, welcome to our community site. The answer to this question is actually “no”.

No server side processing is supported at Netlify (outside of Functions used for API calls). There is a more detailed explanation of this found at the topic below:

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Check this blogpost. They’re using service called Hasura with GraphQL. I’ve never used it. It seems to be a managed backend service and they don’t seem to share their enterprise pricing, but it requires servers to run the web sockets which will definitely be more expensive than running on Lambdas. But then again, every web socket will need that. Apples and oranges.

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