Does Netlify support Brotli - March 2020

Hi there!

I’m wondering if there is a way that I can enable Brotli support on Netlify. Looking at this the GitHub page ask-netlify the last update here was in 2018 and then a video in January 2019 but I haven’t heard anything apart from that.

I’m wondering if you have prebuilt brotli assets already built if you can change the netlify.toml file and serve those assets. Is Brotli support still in development in 2020?

Hi, @simeon9696, the feature request on this is still open. I have now cross-linked this community topic with the feature request.

We’ll make another update here to let you know if/when this becomes possible.

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@simeon9696 As of May 20th, we’re happy to support Brotli compression! Full details are available in our Brotli announcement blog post