Does Netlify periodically ping URLs?

We have an application with a frontend that is uniquely deployed for each customer using Netlify. When a user hits the URL they will always provide a query parameter called token. This token is used by the application to make an API call to our backend. If no token is present, an error is reported in the backend.

What we’re seeing is that there are about 1% of calls coming through without the token query parameter and we’ve spent weeks trying to work out how this occurs without coming up with anything concrete.

We sometimes see this happen after a deployment because Netlify shows a preview of the website in the console, so what we’re wondering is if it’s possible that Netlify is also doing some kind of ping of the URL for availability purposes? If so, is it possible to configure what is sent so we can include a test token to prevent the errors?

Thank you

I was going to suggest this, but you’re already aware of it.

We have similar monitoring on a site that would reveal to us if Netlify was hitting it, for what it’s worth we only see it occur for the preview generation after rebuilds, and always to the site directly.

This is exactly the case, and there’s no way to stop/configure the behaviour.

Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I don’t think this is why as it happens long after we deploy. We can see the source IP for the requests and they’re owned by a few different providers - e.g. some mobile networks. It seems a long shot that this would be to do with Netlify but clutching at straws right now!