Does Netlify modify the contents of the file when it is generated?

I have disabled the “Asset optimization” option.

The specific question is this.

I run the hexo command and scan all the files in the public directory and calculate their md5, then the result is saved in public.

This way, the next time you build a site via netlify, you can use axios to pull the results generated last time.

However, when I actually tested it, I found that the md5 value of the file that should not have changed had changed.

I have not successfully reproduced the problem locally, and I can ensure that I did not do anything to the hexo-generated files (including compression) before I scanned them.

So I now wonder if netlify modified these files during the hexo file generation process.

Please help us with some important details, like the site, the files that have changed but shouldn’t or a way for us to see the problem you describe.