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Does Netlify has number of sites limitation per pricing tier?

Hello Netlify experts.

I’m working on a NodeJS app (will be a backend API for our SaaS platform) that generates static websites and deploys results to Netlify via REST API.
I think we have a simple flow, generate a static website, deploy the result to CDN, and set a custom domain with SSL certificate (or get it from Let’s Encrypt) for it.
We are planning to host 100-1000 websites, maybe more :slight_smile:
Does this feasible with Netlify, if yes what pricing tier should I choose, and what limitations I should put into account?
Also, the critical point is Netlify Rest API allows to deploy generated website files without a git repository.


Hi there, @ygrik :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti:

You can check out our extensive pricing page here that should answer these questions in better details. Please let me know if you have additional questions after reading this!

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Hi Hillary,

Thank you for the quick reply.
As I understand from the pricing page there is no limit for websites number, we should just track bandwidth (100GB/month for Starter, 400GB/month for Pro, etc ).
Is it normal if one member has thousands of websites?
What SLA do you have for Pro tier?

Hi there, @ygrik

Thanks for reaching out! You will find SLA information on that pricing page as well in the bottom Support category :slight_smile:

Given the information you have shared, I have reached out to our team that specializes in answering questions about plans that can fit a variety of needs! They will also be able to further discuss bandwidth and site count with you. Stay tuned to your email :netliconfetti: