Does Netlfiy have a fixed IP range?

Hi there,
I was wondering whether Netlify operates from a set range of IP addresses.
We have the following architecture in mind:

  • A dynamic server hosting a CMS and content API.
  • A Next.js front-end built on Netlify, which reads the API and builds the static site.

We expect a large volume of pages, and will therefore separate less frequently visited “archive material” from the latest and more important pages.

These archive pages will then be build using the Incremental Static Regeneration feature.

However, for security reasons, our hosting partner would like to restrict access to the CMS server to certain IP addresses.
I’m wondering whether it’s even possible to have a predictable set of IP addresses from which Netlify will access our servers?

Hi @harmenjanssen,

No, we do not have a specific set of IP Address that you can use unfortunately.

That’s too bad!

Thanks for clearing that up.