Does each "Deploy Preview" stay available forever?

+1 to the request to restrict access to deploy previews from the public Internet :slightly_smiling_face:

Another idea might involve letting devs hide/unhide deploy previews automatically based on their site’s config. It’d be nice to have a preview hide after its PR merges, but then still have the option to unhide it selectively if needed (i.e. to share with a customer, etc.).

That might help uphold part of the reusable permalink philosophy that @jen and @fool mentioned last year.

If the repo branch is deleted, any deploys associated with that branch should also be deleted. It’s that simple.

+1 for me, I’d like to see deploy previews get deleted after the PR and branch has been deleted as well.

And yet another +1. Once the PR gets merged and the branch deleted, I would expect the preview to be deleted too, or at least have the option to do this manually. I’ve shared preview urls to clients to check out beta versions, and once the feature is merged, I want to make sure the clients stop using the deploy preview URL.

hi all, thanks for sharing your opinions on this! we absolutely agree with many of the points mentioned above, and are currently considering how to address this.

One of our team will report back here as soon as there is something concrete to share.

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