Do Wordpress autosaves trigger a build?

Hey, I’m just wondering if Wordpress’s autosave would trigger a build?

I’m seeing a lot of builds triggered by Wordpress and trying to make sense of what’s absolutely necessary. Seems there are builds being triggered when no changes have been made.

Pretty sure we don’t need all those builds, and perhaps there’s an easy way to avoid them?



Hi, @Maiki, we don’t have any official integration with Wordpress so we’ll need more information about how Wordpress is triggering your site builds to answer.

Perhaps the easiest way to start would be for us to look at a recent build to see what triggered it and work from there. Would you please send us a link to the site or the site’s API ID (the ID only and not the API KEY of course)?

Hey @luke

Hope that’s all you needed?

Hi, @Maiki, it is!

There is a URL created specific to this site which is a “Build Hook” URL. It is a webhook, a URL which can be called to “do something”. In this case that “do something” is “build a site at Netlify”. Somewhere in your Wordpress install, you have entered this URL.

Wordpress then makes HTTP requests to this URL and doing this is what triggers a build at Netlify.

This isn’t the only way to deploy at Netlify. This site is also linked to a Git repository. If the repo is at GitHub and you have the Netlify GitHub app installed there, updates to the repo can also trigger builds at Netlify.

Regarding how to stop this web hook from triggering builds, the solution is to only make the HTTP request if you want to trigger a build. That is something in this Wordpress instance though and we don’t have any control over what it does.

If you want to completely stop Wordpress from ever using this web hook to trigger builds, you can delete the web hook from the site. Wordpress will still call the endpoint but nothing will happen at Netlify after the web hook is deleted.

When logged in, you will find that hook and the button to delete it here:

The questions seems to be: How do I stop Wordpress from calling this web hook so frequently (like every time it auto-saves)?

That is a question I personally cannot answer. I know very little about Wordpress.

Our support team can answer questions about Netlify but Wordpress is third-party software. Troubleshooting third-party software is something we cannot do here on the community site as our resources are limited. (With a paid/custom support contract things might be different but on our community site there are limits to our support.)

This is still a great question. Someone else here on the community site might know so asking about this here is still okay. We encourage these types of questions and you are not breaking any rules in any way. I just want to be clear that this will not be something our support team will be able to assist with.

Likewise, if you do find the answer for Wordpress setting to change (or other solution - like custom code) and want to share that solution here, please free feel to do so. We would certainly appreciate it if you wanted to and I sure someone else running into a similar issue would as well.

Again, please feel free to ask follow-up questions or to share new information. I just wanted to clarify the scope of our support. :+1:

Hey, totally understand…

I’ll look into a solution for this. Initial thoughts are to remove the autosave feature from wordpress and see if that helps. Could also potentially create button in WP admin which triggers the hook and let clients know, that once they’ve finished updating their site, hit that button.

Thanks for coming back to me! :slight_smile:

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