Do language based redirects take into account browser's language?

@minyangu We’ll update this topic once we have more information on this feature!

Do I understand this correctly. Browser redirects only work if the user has one single value set in Accept-Language?

I have Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5 in my browser and the redirect to the English site doesn’t work. That seems more like a bug.

The settings:

from = "/"
to = "/en/"
status = 302
force = true
conditions = {Language = ["en"]}

According to the docs this should work / redirect to the English site.

Indeed, it is missing functionality which we’ll follow up on here if there are changes to.

Hello @fool @futuregerald , any progress on this issue, please?

Nothing to report yet but it’s still on our radar!

I see… so does it make sense to update the docs to mention this feature doesn’t work now?

Interesting question! It does work however I can appreciate that we’re not covering all real world use cases (such as quality definitions).

The issue is pretty well discussed and works to remediate may be round-up alongside other traffic-related works.