Do I need to add a dot (.) at the end of nameservers?

I am trying to delegate access for my domain from to netlify so I need to add netlify nameservers to my dns at gandi. The dns editor form at says:

Warning: A hostname entry usually ends with a dot (.) unless you specifically want it to be suffixed by the current domain.

So do I need to put or in the hostname textbox ?

Those should be equivalent, but if they let you put a dot, is always safe to do so, as some providers like to add “” at the end if you don’t.

Probably best to put it in and then check what they have saved just to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will add a dot. Do I also need to delete other dns records that I have over there? The domain is currently pointing to github pages repo and I’m moving to netlify

Hard to say without more details. In some cases it makes sense to keep old dns records, but in most cases maybe not. If you wanted to share what you have and what you will have I could give more specific advice :slight_smile: