Do I have to use Netlify DNS Zone

About 18 months ago I setup a static site for a client. At the time we had the option to use an A record and CNAME record. That has been working fine until now.

My client has recently tried to deploy some updates and they do not appear on the live site. I rasied another topic on this and it was pointed out that netlify does not have the site in it name zone records.

It seems that either netlify won’t update a site that it cannot find in its zone records. Or that the updated site is now on a different IP address and we don’t know what that is. I can no longer find any reference to an IP address in the settings.

So is there now a requirement to use netlify’s DNS zone and if so when did that change come into effect?

No, there’s no such requirement. A lot of people are using the A+CNAME configuration and it’s still officially supported. What @gregraven said in that thread was that your website wasn’t being served by Netlify. He didn’t mention you not using Netlify DNS Zone.

The A record has always pointed to as mentioned here: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs.

As you can see, seems like the A records are missing:

@markdicker I don’t remember the details from before, but this site is definitely not set up so that visitors reach it on Netlify.

|================== check for inactive DNS zone =================
| --------------- last line should show ---------------	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS
;; Received 175 bytes from in 163 ms
| ---------------------- should be Netlify ----------------------
| ---------------------- ----------------------
< Server: nginx
| -------------------- --------------------
< Server: nginx