Dns zone help - moving custom domain to new account

I had my friend’s website hosted on my personal netlify account, I want to move them over to their own account. I have it all ready to go apart from the the custom domain.

I already deleted the custom domain info from my account but I can’t add it to their account because of the “custom_domain is owned by another account” error message

From searching other messages I see that this is usually resolved by removing the DNS zone on the account that should no longer have the custom domain - I can’t see a way to do this myself via netlify UI, so asking on here please.

Thank you!

hi there, did you see this guide already? If this is applicable to you, you can complete this process easily yourself!

if not, please visit http://www.netlify.com/support, and choose dns/site transfer from the dropdown menu on the right, and we will assist you.